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Ninja Hattori Season 01 HINDI 3Gp HQ Episodes

Episode 01 – I am a Ninja Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher Let’s earn some money ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.59 MB

Episode 02 – Baseball Ninja Style The New Student Shinzo Arrives ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.94 MB

Episode 03 – Shishimaru Wins A Perfect Score Leave The Cooking To Us ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.63 MB

Episode 04 – Hattori Recovers His Honor Shinzo Runs An Errand The Strange Visitor ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.72 MB

Episode 05 – The Athletic Meet To Catch A Thief Curing A Case Of Laziness ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.63 MB

Episode 06 – The Ufo The Ninja Restrainer Do Your Homework ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.63 MB

Episode 07 – The Kidnapping Chestnut Fever The Ninja Hideaway ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.58 MB

Episode 08 – Attending the Dolphin show Ninja technique vs modern technology Amara and his love for his mother ToonFresh.in.3gp

24.45 MB

Episode 09 – A Trip To Kyoto The Gold Coins Pickpocketing A Pick Pocket ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.37 MB

Episode 10 – Ninja Hypnotism The Ninja Steal In Which Is Superior Dogs Or Cats ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.56 MB

Episode 11 – The Ninja Has To Bear Shishimaru Ate A Diamond I Can Take Charge Of The House ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.5 MB

Episode 12 – Hide-And-Seek Be Careful With Fire Shin-Chan’S Present ToonFresh.in.3gp

22.59 MB

Episode 13 – Be Careful Of The Cold Scissors Roc, Paper ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.52 MB

Episode 14 – Up Up And Away The Wrong Present No More Drinking ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.6 MB

Episode 15 – The Lottery The Haircut Long Legs For Kenichi ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.52 MB

Episode 16 – Celebrating New Year Shishimaru’s obsession of chocolate rolls Kenichi fears on loosing Shishimaru ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.18 MB

Episode 17 – The Love Letter Go Fly A Kite A Dream Of Ninja Days ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.51 MB

Episode 18 – It’s Hard Being A Ninja Shishimaru Saves The Day Surprise Visitor ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.43 MB

Episode 19 – Mama Plays Volleyball No Smoking! I Will Look For A Kind Girl ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.37 MB

Episode 20 – I Leave The Speech To Someone Else Swallows For Yumeko A Hard Day At The Movies ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.35 MB

Episode 21 – Kemumaki, Let’s Dig Up A Mammoth Where Is The Balloon Curing A Case Of The Snores ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.34 MB

Episode 22 – Yumeko’s Love Song The Missing Book The Laughing Mushroom ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.58 MB

Episode 23 – Shinzo And The Sad Movie Flowers For Spring No More Eating Race ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.51 MB

Episode 24 – Hunt Away Mama’s Anger Tomatoes And Carrots Lonely Little Kitty ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.59 MB

Episode 25 – A Visit From The Teacher Police Chief For A Day No More Noodles ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.61 MB

Episode 26 – Trouble At The Water Fountain Kenichi’s Bromide Spagetthi Has A Happy Taste ToonFresh.in.3gp

23.41 MB

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